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Our krewe here is curating herbal and holistic products with your safety and protection in mind. We work hard to develop products that are stable, earth friendly, and good for your body. Follow us to stay updated with daily affirmations, product release, health tips and more.


Made in the Bayou

Whether you are new to plant medicine or a plant medicine guru, our products are for you (yes, you!). We strive to offer products that we feel will support the needs of the community at the time. We also use community partners for sourcing of our essential ingredients. Fleur de Leaf Apothecarre is here for you. We strive to increase your knowledge on plant medicine all while keeping it simple and clean for everyone. Allow us to be your source of all things herbalism. 


Simplicity is Key

Our goal is to offer everyone access to holistic remedies, tools, and resources in order to become healthy individuals. Each product you purchase has minimal ingredients with powerful properties. They are easy to use, come in reusable packaging, and are perfectly packaged for travel. With each product you purchase, you will receive important information on how to use it. It is important to consult with your doctor before using or taking any herbal supplements or products if you have certain health conditions or pregnant or planning to.